HXNNXBLE — Self-Titled


9 tracks (29 minutes) of aether house / hip-hop. Instrumentals for In Lakesh, 9 3 6 Sick Shit, Time and a Place and a Way, Peace, Muse, and Stop recorded and submixed by Marcel Erasmus (Lesmus/Cellstar). Instrumentals for 1st Eye and Rays recorded and submixed by Brian Duffy (BDuff). Instrumental for Gold Truth recorded and submixed by Maamoul Al-Hijaz. Vocals for Gold Truth recorded by Nuri Hobess, and the vocals and the instrumental were submixed together at this time. Vocals for all tracks other than Gold Truth recorded by Hxnnxble. Fretless bass on Peace and baritone recorder on Stop performed by Jon Lervold and recorded at Big Name. All tracks mixed and mastered at Big Name.

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