Live @ Big Name sessions are finally a reality! I’d like to send a big thank you to Methczar for coming in yesterday and playing a few of their songs. I look forward to doing more of these in the future.

Since last time:

55YT MQRT did an all improv recording that is currently in the editing stage.

Beatrix Sky recorded a 3 track synth pop EP which has been mastered and is soon to be released.

Boy Rex came in and recorded an 8 song indie/emo LP which has been mastered and is also soon to be released.

Dunzo finished up tracking his 10 track shoegaze/alternative album. This project is now in the mixing phase.

East Sherman came over from Spokane and recorded a 3 song hardcore/sludge/black metal/d-beat EP. This project is currently being mixed.

Repudiate came in and tracked the instrumentals of a 7 song d-beat EP. The vocal session is upcoming.

Retail Monkey has the instrumentals for all 16 songs done and is currently tracking vocals.

Sight Received began work on a 5 track hard rock EP. Currently one song of 5 is complete.

Un @ Vice

Listen here!

The studio has been extremely busy the last few months.

Since last time, Un came through the studio and recorded a full length, The Tomb of All Things. This album is going to come out on Black Bow Records in December. It can be pre-ordered here: Black Bow Records on BigCartel

You can stream the preview track at Decibel Magazine.

And the album has been garnering Funeral Doom Album of the Year praise by a number of metal blogs!

Two Guys Metal Reviews

Merchants of Air

The Sound Not the Word

Needless to say, I can’t wait for this one to be released to the public.

In other news Seventh Silence recorded a 4 song EP which has been completed through the mastering stage, which they are going to put out shortly. They are going to come back and record 4 or 5 more, which will then accompany this EP as a single full length record.

Retail Monkey has been in here quite a bit lately recording a 16 track math-metal album.

Joel EvansĀ had 50 copies of his CD Martini Moods duplicated here through the print shop.

Knola came back to record vocals for their upcoming full length album.

Dunzo still continues to work on his 10 track solo album. At this point we are recording vocals. This is my longest running session to date at nearly 11 months.

Big Blue Van has been working here for a few months now. They have finished two tracks and recently began work on three additional songs.

There are quite a few sessions that are just about to begin as well. The second half of 2015 has been extremely productive here at Big Name and it seems like we will continue strong through the end of the year.

I also finally got around to taking pictures of the current studio space, which are located on the Facility page. Here are a few:

Control 1

iso 2

live 1s

Time to make the official announcement: it’s been a long process but Big Name is fully operational once again in the new location. New gear additions include a Tascam 388 eight track reel to reel machine, an Otari MX55 mastering reel, and a bunch of new mics. Not to mention a huge increase in size, including a second live room.

The other addition is the official opening of my cassette and CD duplication business, also operating under the Big Name moniker. Come to me if you need high-quality, affordable physical media manufacturing.


Bands that are currently working on sessions at Big Name include A God or an Other, No Body, Dunzo, The Lunch, and Hellships, and more are booked out on the horizon.

The studio has been very busy but dates are still open, especially in March and beyond. Book your dates now!

It’s been a great run at this location, but I’ve gotten an opportunity to move into a space where I can have:

  • A larger live room
  • A second live room
  • A larger control room with space for upgraded equipment
  • Better acoustics
  • A larger and more comfortable lounge
  • Better temperature control
  • Dedicated space for my long-planned printing and duplication operation

As such, my availability in the next few months will be spotty. Construction of the new live room will take a large amount of my time. That said, I will be open for business, so if you’d like to do some work, feel free to get in touch with me.

Recording the last project that I will do in this space over this weekend. Very exciting times ahead!

Though there hasn’t been an official recorded-at-Big-Name entry in a few months, I’ve been hard at work on a new batch of projects since the last release. Got 5 tracks coming your way from MGK/Ultra! There are also 12 super nutty tracks on the way from Bird Surgeon. It’s a very different direction from before. To top it off, I’ve been working on a project with Cinemasters putting together some music specifically dedicated to film and TV usage.

Stay tuned!

I’ve become involved with a tape label! Our first release is the two track EP Top Secret Area by Invalids, currently only available in physical form!

Invalids – Top Secret Area

This was not recorded at Big Name, however, Big Name is expanding into physical product manufacture, and the tapes were printed and duplicated here. Check it out! This service will be available to the general public soon at prices better than you’ll find anywhere else. We can print and duplicate CDs, tapes, and packaging, as well as print posters or anything else you might require. We’ll also be offering a digital download service.

Printed and duplicated at Big Name!

Printed and duplicated at Big Name!

More totally awesome music from SHAME Records coming soon!


To celebrate the one year anniversary of Big Name Recording Studio, we’re having a show/party featuring some of the bands that have worked in the studio in the past year.


Featuring the musical stylings of:


The Blue

No Body

Bird Surgeon (cd release show)


A God or an Other


Free. Starts at 5PM.

303 Division St NW, Olympia WA, 98502

Consolidation! Lots of music recorded, played, or both by Jon Lervold.